2022 Wisconsin Educator Development Support & Retention Survey


The state of Wisconsin has used the Wisconsin Educator Development Support and Retention (WEDSR) Survey to inform district and school improvement efforts since 2017. The WEDSR uses questions from a number of sources including the 5Essentials Survey designed by the Consortium for School Research at the University of Chicago and the REL Midwest Performance Feedback Process Survey.

The WEDSR is offered to all Wisconsin educators in the spring of each year. The WEDSR captures staff voice regarding their local Educator Effectiveness (EE) processes and other aspects of school or district professional culture that are impacted by their local EE processes such as educator retention and principal leadership.

Schools and districts are included in the WEDSR dashboard if their response rate is at least 30%. We originally planned to set the requirement at 40% but lowered it to account for difficulties educators experienced accessing the survey. In 2022, 209 districts and 751 schools met this threshold and are included in the dashboard.

Schools that met the response rate requirement can access their data. Their district’s data are not included though.

SREED is the developer of the WEDSR. SREED supports Wisconsin schools to use the survey to inform improvement efforts. You can learn more about the work of SREED at www.uwm.edu/sreed